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Barbecues Fesfoc is a company created to meet market needs, in a world where art and technology occupy an increasingly important place in our vidas.FESFOC brand style and so endorse the newspaper articles and magazines. Our approach to continuous improvement; and our customers, as importante.El contemporary and minimalist design of our products is easily integrated into most environments sofisticados.Nuestras barbecues are manufactured entirely in Spain, with the best materials for durability. Its design has been carefully treated to their guidelines are integrated in harmony with the architecture and the paisaje.Considerados international brand leader in innovation, technology and aesthetics, barbecue adapt to the most current fees and make it a new concept kitchen exterior.Estamos highly sensitive to the environment and ecological recycling products fácil.Adaptables style of your home, whatever the chosen location for your new BBQ, Fesfoc facilitates a wide range of possibilities to adapt the model chosen the characteristics of its commitment hogar.El Fesfoc results in a high quality product with maximum performance, which transmits the customer a great fiabilidad.El performance, comfort, design, durability, safety and ecology are essential criteria for us to take our company to anticipate the aspirations of each cliente.A through our website, you can buy the model that best fits your needs.