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b-reforms is a company with over 30 years experience in the construction industry, specializing in: comprehensive reforms of viviendasreformas cocinasreformas local bañosreformas comercialesreformas oficinasreformas restaurantesreformas baresNuestro team consists of professional technicians and qualified installers who ensure that their projects are perform to your satisfaction, meeting all the requirements for decorating your home or premises is designed with latest designs both in distribution and in obtaining materiales.Cada reform is personalized and tailored to customer needs, fulfilling both the project and the budget and deadlines entrega.Realizamos works in Catalonia, visit our customers, advise them, we make a project and budget fully detailed by item, thus facilitating modifications ellas.Nuestro each target is optimize space through sound distribution, providing creative solutions. Thanks to our department of interior designers and architects may have a project both spaces and finishes with the best solution for reform.