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For you can learn more at Luis Giraldez we leave a quick interview. In our company we are aware that the value we provide depends on our team, their capabilities and their values. Therefore we seek to surround ourselves with the best webmasters, fully trained, but especially with a strong commitment to the values ​​of IndianWebs. Currently more than 34 people make up the human team IndianWebs. As a growing company we offer the opportunity to grow with us customizing careers based on personal merit.

Cargo en la Empresa:
Buena pregunta jejeje

¿Cómo te defines?
Un tipo curioso

¿Cómo te ven tus amigos?
Como un tipo curioso creo

Música, música brasilera, cine con cotufas, la playa, las comidas con Clara, las imágenes, etc.

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No sigo ninguno que sepa

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Leche derramada de Chico Buarque

Tu segunda película favorita:
mmm... Blade Runner ..."it's too bad she won't live..."

Va por épocas, ahora blanco y grises claros, pero creo que pronto vendrán los colores bien saturados.