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In IndianWebs manage your Shared or Dedicated Hosting without reasonable grasp servidores.Disponemos Server in IBM or HP-art Blade technology, multicore servers, SAS disks in RAID-1, Quad Core Intel Xeon maximum performance , 16 GB RAM, redundant or más.Plataforma, check our hosting platform, with only one server, the advantages of many. In IndianWebs know that the e-mail of our customers must always be operational. So we developed a web hosting platform, based on virtualization technology, with service stability, high availability, separation of mail, web and database datos.Los IndianWebs customers can choose from OpenXchange mail platform or Microsoft Exchange, and protocols SMTP/POP3.La IndianWebs hosting platform designed primarily seeking reliability. We opted for virtualization because it responds perfectly to this problem and provides a high level of isolation between different virtual machines. A system failure on a virtual machine does not affect the performance of other machines in IndianWebs virtuales.Encuentra hosting solution you need for your website.

Web Hosting Profesional

Give more power to your Internet project.

Managed by our team IndianWebs. We host and manage the market more complex solutions.

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