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Control and manage your email from multiple hits: Outlook, web and mobile. Share calendars and contacts. Overall synchronization between devices. High storage capacity. Create your own intranet documents with SharePoint.Dirigido to: Web Access mejorado.Sincronización between dispositivos.Movilidad: Blackberry, PDA and completed instantáneas.Integración iPhone.Búsquedas Office.Incluido: Antivirus and email removed ilimitada.Recuperación antispam.Transferencia . Sharepoint free: Create your own Intranet and gestionafácilmente. Compartedocumentos, calendars, tasks ... 4 GB of web space for mejorado.Búsquedas instantáneas.Integración buzón.Acceso complete with Office.Sharepoint: Create and manage easily your own Intranet.Sincronización between dispositivos.Movilidad Blackberry, PDA and now iPhone.Antivirus and antispam . Recovering deleted email.

Email Exchange

The advanced solution for your business

The advanced solution for your business. In addition to providing your company the benefits of professional management of mail, with Mail Exchange can collaborate, share and plan, from a single product.

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