Domains .com, .net, .org

.com, .net, .org

Like .es, the domain extension. is territorial and is oriented to companies, organizations or individuals Spanish, or Spanish pages related to culture española.Por Why choose a. The.'s Is the ideal extension for those who want to protect their name or brand España.Reglas to register a. links with Spain, number of characters: 2-63 extension excluded accepted characters: [a - z], [0-9] and [-] However the [-] can be neither the first nor the last character of the domain name, the domain name can not start with xn - .Marca the market that's your webTambién called geographic domains, territorial extensions indicate the country or region of each site. They are used by companies to protect their brand identity in a particular country, and to have more proximity to the country's consumers to be dirigir.Además, register the domain of country you want to trade (in the case of Spain, for example,, makes your site is positioned better in the search engines that you manage your domains currently país.Si another provider, you can transfer them to enjoy the benefits IndianWebs management that we offer. Only you will have control as a domain administrator and access the e-mail contact management.

Domains .com, .net, .org

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