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Gateway Bank

The Gateway Bank (POS) is a payment system that facilitates the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions through electronic payment systems internet.Los, made ​​the transfer of money between buyers and sellers in a stock purchase and sale electronically through an authorized financial institution by both. It is therefore a key element in the process of buying and selling within electrónico.Indícanos trade what is your project and your website, and you programmed your own payment gateway that best suits your needs. We work with several companies that offer this service and provide you with the most convenient way to charge your clientes.En IndianWebs also have different options to implement a payment gateway in your own online store. For example, through methods such as off-line cash on delivery, direct debit, bank transfer or online methods how Virtual POS (credit cards) or type payment gateways Ebay Pay Pal, Google Checkout from, etc.Deje held IndianWebs professionals, scheduling transactions from your online store and forget about problems.

Programmation Web Gateway Bank

Benefits for you and your buyers

IndianWebs you made ​​your schedule quepuedas payment gateway for your business to authorize electronic payments and ensure that information passes securely between the customer and your own online store.

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