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My name is Angel, I have 54 years, born in Barcelona but for many years I live in the Garraf.Toda my life I've been loving the sport in general, although I have devoted more especially to martial arts and bodybuilding. In all these years I have practiced different sports, but ultimately I still have the Taekwon-do ITF, apart of course of bodybuilding. Currently developing different projects: I teach taekwon-do in several gyms in the area, personal training, both gym and home, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Massage ON-SITE, lymphatic drainage, and kinesiotape. I would like to convey my example, my age, and evidently my experience, it's never too late to improve both health and fitness, always and whatever the age of a person, we can improve our physical condition, our appearance, wellness both physical and mental health, and of course our self-esteem is the psychological basis that helps and encourages a very important way to achieve any success we propose in our lives. When you improve your physical and image, is better about yourself as well with others. So, I encourage you to learn without obligation, whether you do any sport and want to start, or if you are currently training, you want to improve and achieve your goals more quickly and confidently.