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The Institute of Photo-initiated its activities in the specialites- -pionera in 1996 under the name Multidisciplinary Laser Platform. After twelve years of technological innovation and professional excellence, was renewed in 2008 as Institute of Photomedicine, adding to the care activities borrowed from the new platform challenges in the field of research and teaching. Since 1998 the Institute of Fotomedicia was active in various Medical Centers such as Teknon Medical Center, Hospital Dexeus Chiron, Chiron Clinic, Clínica del Remei, Clínica Girona, etc. The Institute has Photomedicine expert medical and technical personnel in Photonics Medicine, Photobiology and Biomedical Engineering, and has the highest technology in light sources, where the laser highlighted. The Institute of Photomedicine constitutes a meeting is attended by professionals from all disciplines to access these advanced equipment used for diagnosis and treatment of various medical and surgical problems.