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In early 2005, awakens her interest in photography making trips alone. He found an ally, one traveling companion, a camera, with life. Who was refilling those empty spaces filled simultaneously. When giving birth did not see, it did not distinguish color when and how they do not exist. In 2012 he made the set for the event Useless and Culture in Barcelona Acció short photo. In 2013 he made the photographs for the sporting event of the Championship of Catalonia Inland Casting Society for Sports Fishermen Granolllers. He also participated in the contest Festa Major de Corrró d'Avall being the first runner. In 2014, he participated in ObjectiuBcn, obtaining documentary photography work on the neighborhood of Barceloneta (Tierra de Mar) supervised by Fernando Moleres, which has been exhibited in Barceloneta Civic Centre and will soon be in Cc Navas.